Types of Hauling Equipment

Hauling equipment is classified for light-duty use. Heavy-duty hauling equipment is designed for the delivery of heavy-duty materials. Engine or electric-powered hauling equipment is also available for heavy, regular-duty hauling. San Francisco Hauling uses super dump trucks, bobcats, and more for hauling materials and equipment.

• Lift trucks are used for hauling materials like building materials, soils, and concrete

• PTO carts are used to transport and place soil and other materials

• Backhoe tractors are used for digging and moving soil

• Crazyhorse and Manual transmission hauling equipment can be used for transporting heavy materials.

Major Types

There are four types of hauling equipment, baseload, construction, heavy-duty, and mobile resources.

Base load-hauling equipment: This hauling equipment is used for hauling materials directly onto a dump truck, dump truck, or plane. The base load-hauling equipment can be self-duty, semi-tractor, and full-tractor.

Heavy-duty hauling equipment: This type of hauling equipment is used for heavy-duty hauling. Common uses for this type of equipment are loading small loads, leveling decks, and palletizing. This type of hauling equipment is designed for continuous, non-stop work.

With base load-hauling equipment, the load is loaded directly onto the truck and positioned on the top of the truck. The load is then loaded onto the “back” of the truck and positioned on the opposite end of the truck. These trucks are specifically designed with counters to position the load away from the sides of the trucks.

Construction vehicles for hauling materials contained mainly recycled products like plastics, concrete, and wood. These materials can be hazardous when in their untreated form; therefore, they are treated to protect the materials from harmful weather conditions. Many vehicles are powered by engines. The hauling vehicles may include diesel-powered steam shovels. Sometimes an engine-driven specialized cantilever asset is used.

Portable Material Mixers are designed to be lightweight compared to other types of industrial vehicles. Additionally, there are some portable material mixers that can be used in a wide variety of working conditions.

Mobile resources are used for both heavy and light material hauling. With the advent of time, the materials of a structure are affected. Manually lifting a structure can make it weaker or even damage its structure entirely. This type of heavy materials hauling equipment is used to remove and prepare materials prior to construction installation, demolition, and other construction projects.

The different types of hauling equipment are mainly differentiated based on size and engines. assorted types of hauling equipment include rollers, manual transmission vehicles, skid steers, track roller systems, undercarriages, and bucket trucks.