Low Maintenance Landscaping

Check out the low-maintenance front gardens for six front gardens designed to reduce maintenance and save you time and money at the same time. We will guide you through the possibilities of starting landscape planning, from the basics of landscape planning to the most important aspects of landscape planning.

Our specialities include design ideas for reducing water evaporation, such as rain gardens. Rain gardens help to keep water in the landscape, which helps to reduce rainwater runoff and the need for additional irrigation.

Aeration of the soil with a simple lawn aerator reduces water runoff and increases water infiltration into the soil, improves water flow to the root areas of the plants and reduces the need for additional irrigation. Landscapes may also contain shrubs and trees that correspond to the water conditions of the terrain, thereby reducing the runoff of rainwater.

Mulch adds an additional layer to the plant roots and air, makes the landscape attractive and helps to protect the plants in a variety of ways. The environment can be a complementary benefit, which is why landscaping projects come to life through the use of mulch, which is not only maintained but also not ignored.