HVAC System Installation

Sounds crazy? It’s not! Calling your local maintenance HVAC will get you one step closer to getting the HVAC system completely replaced. HVAC Fairfield contractors follow a very specific and standardized strategy and they will also follow a very specific follow-up procedure after your new system is installed.

When your HVAC service technician comes out to give you a free bid on your project, he will sit your system down so you will know what parts are going on in your system. There are many important considerations when it comes to a complete new system installation. One of those considerations is the size of your HVAC system or the Air Conditioning system. There are very strict guidelines that must be followed to be sure the new installation will meet or exceed the standards of today’s energy-saving regulations.

The contractor is also probably going to ask you a few questions as well.

  1. What size are your doors?
  2. How big are your current ductwork?
  3. Do you have any window units in your HVAC system that you will be replacing?
  4. What size furnace will you be installing? Also, count your current unvented gas furnace or the 2 or 3 burner electric units. These units are typically put together and sized for a 4,000 to a 6,000 BTU furnace, so if they end up too noisy on the small system you will end up with a really big problem.
  5. Are there any issues with radiators in your home. One of the key points to remember is if you didn’t want to change your existing radiators, you don’t want to be paying for new ones this time.
  6. What type of flooring does your home have, including carpeting and/or tile. This helps with space planning and also there is often insulation for under the carpeting or behind the tile walls giving an even higher R-Value.
  7. When purchasing a new HVAC system look closely at the warranties. Be sure the warranty is transferable should you want to sell your home.
  8. Have you done a complete load of physicians recently? There is a lot of information and statistics out there, like what type of cars your different family members should drive. Also, how many people have high cholesterol? factor number to decide what kind of air conditioning you will need.
  9. How much space have you decided that your new system size needs to be? For example, if you are closing on a new house and you need to size a system for 6 times the square footage, and you already have 3 bedrooms, what does it do to your energy efficiency? It may make more sense to simply size a bigger system.
  10. Will it be hard to get an HVAC service technician to come to your site the first time? Most contractor sites are very busy due to their busy work. Their owners are also very busy and statistics show that contractors’ phone calls have been on the decline. Be sure to ask your local HVAC service technician if he or she will be available to come out the first time. This will tell you the type of people they have been working with before you talk to them.

Now you have the basic information you need to talk to a reputable HVAC service technician. It is important to take your time and choose someone you can trust and someone who isn’t out to get you as a consumer.

Caring for your HVAC system is important to give it a nicer long life. Any type of repairs that need doing and service you chose to receive can be done on your schedule.

Now is the best time to visit the Fairfield HVAC Pros site for more tips and info about your HVAC system. You will be able to learn more about your system and how to maintain it.