Don’t Get Ripped Off by Paying For a Bad Backlink Program

Every once in a while, it is bound to happen that you will receive a recommendation from an internet marketing source that will lead you to a site that will provide you with search engine optimization help for your website. Many of these sites will mention something about link building, and every time they mention it, they will probably mention that it is probably not worth the money you are going to pay for their help. This is probably true, but it is not always true.

For one thing, Google itself is an engine that is somewhat driven by the value of one-way links. Perhaps more important are the other search engines that base their rankings on a variety of factors including the quality and quantity of one-way links. Perhaps the second most important factor is the reputation of the linked site, as being associated with a site with a high Page Rank (PR) will assist in boosting your own PR. The basic principles of SEO don’t seem to apply to many of the sites that are doing well in the search engines but don’t rule out the possibility of that page value having an effect.

Another common argument is that a link from a high PR site is of greater value than one from a low PR site. It is probably true that the original site that may provide a link to your site has a high PR, and it may also be true that the link back to your site is of greater value if it comes from a relatively high PR site. But it is also probably true that a link from a low PR site will provide you with much less link juice. A hundred links from PR 2 sites are probably worth more than One Link from a PR 0. It is probably also true that a link from a .edu site will give you a lot more link juice than a link from a .com site, and links sites are respected. Links sites are harder to obtain, but as a rule of thumb, it is better to try to get one from site than none.

Bay Area SEO company believes if you are trying to decide which site to get a link from, it is probably best to try to obtain links from the sites that are relatively well respected and from sites that are relatively high in Page Rank, and not from the poorly designed sites that are full of links and no content, and not too many other sites linking to them.

So as you can see, although links are very important in deciding where to get your site listed, and how to do that, there are a number of other factors that conspire to affect the value of a link:

All of these factors conspire to make an impact on how much SEO value is attributed to a link. It is an established fact that an accurately designed and executed link strategy is one of the best ways to get quality free traffic to your website.

The anchor text of the link

The link URL

The page rank of the page the link is on

The language of the page the link is on

The relevance of the page the link is on

Also, for relevancy, a link from a site on the same topic can be much more valuable than a link from an unrelated site within the same topic area.

A quality link can also bring you traffic from viewers of the link who have linked to your site as a reference or a compliment. If the link is on a page containing information that is valuable to that visitor and contains keywords that match the search phrase that brings the visitor to your site, this link can be valuable not only to the visitor but to you as the content provider. That link on that page has more value than a link off to a completely unrelated page.

How much SEO value is assigned to a link

If you use a Reciprocal link program, there will be an exchange of value. What this means is that by exchanging links you are able to reduce the amount of ‘Google Juice’ passed to your website by the search engine. This can happen by several hundred percent. Imagine if, for example, you had an article published on an article submission site and another site linked to that article. The first site gets 1/3 of the Google Juice and the second site gets 0.75% which is 250 times more than what was there before!

A link on a page with nothing to offer is worthless. And if you’re selling something in order to make some money by making a fee per click – you probably won’t get much – if any – traffic by having a link on an irrelevant page like an ‘Article Store’ which will give you a link back to your site only if you pay for it. That’s like getting a link from the foot of a cat and expecting to get a few extra greeting cards.