Using Feng Shui to Bring House Down

Sound familiar? Could you be experiencing something in your home that creates a negative impact on the lives of your family?

When you move into a new house, many homeowners immediately set it up to be lived in, making space feel like home right away. What happens right after is that the inhabitants find out they cannot actually live in the house due to the layout – a layout which compiles certain elements together to form a negative impact on the lives of those who reside there.

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“Every house is built on their magnetic field,” explained esoteric Architectural lecture math BendAZ. “Each and every house in your area has a magnetic field that you can affect, no matter if it sits high above or below your home.”

Many structures that were built in ancient times simply weren’t built very well, resulting in problems. There was a lack of consideration given to the magnetic field of the property, resulting in the X.Morphy team coming down to break ground, and another architect doing a poor job and designing a structure which would eventually gain a negative impact on their owners’ lives: floor plans which were ruled by the direction of negative energy and not positive energies.

“Corridors and staircases actually receive the highest amounts of negative energy,” explains ESA, “that’s why it is important to not only ensure quality workmanship but also to enhance ordinary movement. When a structure is positioned well, the home will be supported in a smooth and positive manner.”

How can you use this concept to improve your own property?

Placing items at the entrance of a home will have a significant effect on the all-round confronted by your family. The intention should be to place one or more items on the ground floor of your house, as this is where the main flow of negative energy enters the house.

By placing a strong, carved stone or other feature – a lamp, for example – in the direction associated with the worst possible negative energy as determined by the compass (things like poison arrows) will help to protect your finances, health, and general well-being. And whether you choose a carved stone or just place a small metal feature, it’s the stone’s ability to harness strong magnetic energy that should be your aim.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that Feng Shui consultants recommend, in some cases, that homeowners incorporate features conveying strong positive energy. Feng Shui consultant summer jobs are very popular, as the strawberries of Feng Shui are picking up more and more interest in this Ancient dying art.

According to Feng Shui consultant outfit Snow Winter, 2008, the most important aspect of the way you orientate your house is the placement of the main door. According to Summer, the main door should face the west at a 75-degree angle- a position that will make it difficult for any occupants to suffer from ” Daylight burnt-up.”

Feng Shui consultant winter jobs suggest that you should orientate your house to face south in a family room with seldom if ever a kitchen in that direction. However, if the main door is facing west, then the south-west sector of your house will become a laughing position for all occupants.

Alter your bedroom layout if you are currently experiencing problems in the relationships between you and your mate. Plus, make sure there is always at least one sewage outlet outside your house in order to avoid problems in your gaseous air. Altering your bedroom layout undoubtedly will have a huge impact on your life, so it only makes sense to give this area of your life extra attention. According to Feng Shui consultant Winter, “Make sure the bed is always facing the southeast if your bedroom is near a sewage outlet.”

Also, make sure that if your bedroom door opens into a noisy room, or is interrupted by a washing machine or dishwasher, that you change the placement of your bed. Bed placement is especially important if your bed is being tucked up against a wall.

Take life seriously, and put these energies to work for you. Consider employing the principles of Feng Shui to improve your own home and make sure your own life is balanced and positive.